is engaged in the production and sale of hyperbaric chambers, education, research, support, and providing hyperbaric treatments in many of our AHA Hyperbarics Facilities.


The AHA Flex hyperbaric system in a new hyperbaric facility in Elblag (Poland)

Date: 08.05. 2016

The AHA Flex hyperbaric system in a new hyperbaric facility in Elblag (Poland) Poland appreciates our hyperbaric equipment and many open hyperbaric centers with AHA Flex hyperbaric systems in order to help people.


Hyperbaric chamber AHA Flex 20 for the first time on television

Date: 18.02. 2016

Slovenian broadcaster Planet TV visited us in the development center of AHA Hyperbarics . They would like to introduce our new medical hyperbaric chamber AHA Flex 20, which reaches pressure of 2.0 bar to Slovenia as well as its excellent effects.


Gift certificates for hyperbaric treatment

Date: 23.12. 2015

Gift certificatesOnly few days left to buy gift certificates for hyperbaric treatment. 
It will be a nice gift for your nearest and dearest.



HAPPY DECEMBER in a hyperbaric chamber

Date: 01.12. 2015

Happy December in AHA HyperbaricsThis December we offer a special 20% discount to all our customers on all treatments and gift certificates for treatments.

You can book a hyperbaric treatment in various AHA Hyperbarics Facilities.

Sara Kragulj among Mladi Upi project finalists

Date: 09.04. 2015

Sara KraguljSlovenia: Slovenian rhythmic gymnast Sara Kragulj, a ward of AHA Hyperbarics, ranked among the “Mladi Upi” project finalists, organized by Triglav insurance company in conjunction with the POP TV broadcasting service.
The competition winners will be announced mid-May 2015 and you will also get to know them in the final episode of “Znan obraz ima svoj glas” TV show, airing May 17th at 8 pm.

We're all cheering for you, Sara!

You can read more about it here.

Croatian actress Iva Mihalic about a hyperbaric chamber

Date: 02.03. 2015

Hrvaška igralka Iva Mihalic o hiperbarični komoriCroatian actress Iva Mihalic revealed all her feelings about a hyperbaric chamber she visited in AHA Hyperbarics center in Zagreb (Croatia) on the Croatian scena.hr portal.

Among other things, she said: “Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are especially beneficial for actors, as they help improve concentration and memory.”

You can read more about it here.


Croatian actor Goran Grgic about the effects of the hyperbaric chamber

Date: 26.01. 2015

Goran GrgicCroatian actor Goran Grgic in an interview about the treatment in the hyperbaric chamber.

Read about the interview here.





Klemen Bauer, a Slovenian biathlete in hyperbaric chamber

Date: 05.01. 2015

Klemen BauerKlemen Bauer, a Slovenian biathlete, decided to try hyperbaric treatment for regeneration and he was very excited and felt great after the treatment.
He represented Slovenia at the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, where he finished 4th in the sprint event. At the 2012 World Championships, Bauer won the silver medal at the mixed relay. 

You can view some of the photographs in the Gallery.


New Year Wishes!

Date: 23.12. 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!Our wishes for you,
Great start for January,
Love for February,
Peace for March,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy for June to November,
Happiness for December.

Have a lucky and wonderful 2015!

Photosession with Sara Kragulj

Date: 19.12. 2014

Sara KraguljWe captured some beautiful moments with the camera and did an interview with a young Slovenian rhythmic gymnast Sara Kragulj for Croatian web portal scena.hr

You can view some of the photographs in the Gallery.

Read about the interview here.

Sara Kragulj, Slovenian rhythmic gymnast, achieved 3rd place at the 25th International New Year's Cup Moste

Date: 10.12. 2014

Sara KraguljLjubljana (Slovenia) held the 25th International New Year's Cup Moste on Saturday and Sunday, December 6th & 7th 2014. Among the participants was also 17-year-old Sara Kragulj, sponsored by AHA Hyperbarics, who achieved a fine 3rd place.

You can view some of the photographs in the Gallery.

Autism and HBOT

Date: 29.11. 2014

AutismAt a round-table discussion on treating children with autism, which was held on Saturday, November 19th 2014 in Ajdovščina (Slovenia), Peter Kokalj, hyperbaric instructor and managing director of AHA Hyperbarics, presented a lesson on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) on autism. The lesson was very positively received. We hope that present circumstances for people with autism and their relatives in Slovenia will improve and reach a higher quality level.  

You can view the snapshots in the Gallery.

The 1st AHA Hyperbarics conference

Date: 25.11. 2014

1st AHA Hyperbarics conferenceThe 1st AHA Hyperbarics conference is behind us. We reviewed earlier work and achievements, analized treatment effects, learned of innovations in the field of hyperbarics, technical service, differences between a medical and a sports chamber and found out AHA Hyperbarics' vision and the benefits of a partnership.

You can view the snapshots from the 1st AHA Hyperbarics conference in the Gallery

Invitation to the 1st AHA Hyperbarics conference

Date: 20.11. 2014

We invite all partners of AHA Hyperbarics to the 1st AHA Hyperbarics conference, which will take place on Tuesday, November 25th in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Lecturers from different fields have prepared interesting topics for you and will share with you their wealthy experience and advice (conference will be held in Slovenian and English language).

For conference programme click here.

AHA Hyperbarics in Capodistria

Date: 06.11. 2014

AHA Hyperbarics v KopruMany inhabitants of the Slovenian seaside region will be pleased to know that a new AHA Hyperbarics center has opened there, run by Tomaž Vadnjal. You can visit us every day at Ul. ob spomeniku 2 in Bertocchi-Capodistria.

You can contact us via + 386 (0)51 425 554  and e-mail: capris@hbot.eu, where you can also make an appointment for a treatment.

More photos in our Gallery.

The opening of the AHA Hyperbarics partner facility in Zagreb

Date: 01.07. 2014

Otvoritev partnerskega centra na HrvaškemYesterday, June 30 2014, we held a formal opening of our partner facility in Zagreb (Croatia). The effects of hyperbaric treatment were presented by the owner of AHA Hyperbarics and instructor of hyperbarics Peter Kokalj in a short presentation. The presentation was followed by a practical test of the chamber and a party.

AHA Hyperbarics partner facility in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) began admitting first customers

Date: 08.06. 2014

AHA Hyperbarics BIHAHA Hyperbarics partner facility in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) began admitting first customers.

One of the satisfied customers wrote on FB: »Napokon je u Banjaluci otvoren jedan moderan i dobro opremljen centar za tretman i terapiju čistim kiseonikom.Već sam probao i zaista sam oduševljen rezultatima, nakon tretmana imam mnogo više energije. Preporučujem svima!«



New AHA Hyperbarics Hrvatska (Croatia) FB page

Date: 16.04. 2014

FB AHA Hyperbarics CroatiaYou can visit the new FB page AHA Hyprebarics Hrvatska (Croatia).

In our AHA Hyperbarics partner facility in Zagreb, Croatia, run by Ines and Luka Marasović, a hyperbaric chamber is in operation, which can be tested out by everyone. Visit us in Zagreb, on the 4 II. Vrbnik street.

Contacts: +385 1 6198753 and hrvatska@hbot.eu

New AHA Hyperbarics Bosnia and Hercegovina FB page

Date: 15.04. 2014

Facebook pageA week ago a new AHA Hyperbarics Bosnia and Hercegovina page opened on FB. In a few days it already got 83 likes.

Jelena and Rado Šaula, who run the Hyperbaric Center AHA in Banja Luka and edit the FB page, are expecting a hyperbaric chamber, which you will be able to visit in Banja Luka, on the Svetozara Markovica 5c street. You can write to them via bih@hbot.eu.

Renewed AHA Hyperbarics logo

Date: 02.04. 2014

Logo AHA HyperbaricsWe present our renewed AHA Hyperbarics logo, which represents Hyperbaric Center AHA international trademark. What do you think?


A young promising skier Ula Hafner on hyperbaric therapy

Date: 28.03. 2014

Skier Ula Hafner on hyperbaric therapyA young promising skier Ula Hafner also goes to the hyperbaric chamber at the Hyperbaric Center AHA and wrote down in our book of impressions: »I felt the positive effects of hyperbaric therapy already after the fourth one, when I had significantly more energy, my concentration also improved during trainings as well as at school. The therapy also helped me regenerate faster and with faster healing of sports injuries. I would like to thank the Hyperbaric Center AHA for their support and kindness and would recommend it to everyone, athletes as well as those who simply want to improve the quality of their life.«

The 1000th therapy in our first hyperbaric chamber

Date: 21.03. 2014

1000. terapija na prvi hiperbarični komoriNot even a year has passed since we imported the first hyperbaric chamber to Slovenia from the USA and today we've already carried out the 1000th therapy in this chamber. On this occasion we congratulated our surprised customer and gave him a bottle of champagne. A nice number for a single chamber in less than a year, wouldn't you agree?



Diplomas of Nina and Ervin

Date: 17.03. 2014

Diplomi Nine in ErvinaNina and Ervin from AHA Hyperbarics facility in Vojnik (Slovenia) finally framed and put on display their graduation diplomas.





Today's show on TV Golica about the hyperbaric chamber

Date: 05.03. 2014

TV Golica o hiperbarični terapijiToday TV Golica hosted the hyperbaric instructor Peter Kokalj and he had an interesting conversation with Robert Pečovnik – Pečo live on the show Ob 10h (At 10 am). Find out what a hyperbaric chamber is and what are the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The show will also broadcast tomorrow, March 6, at 10 am on TV Petelin.

Check out the video here.

Rok Tršan, cross-country skier on hyperbaric therapy

Date: 05.03. 2014

Rok Trsan na hiperbarični terapijiRok Tršan, a promising young cross-country skier, feels great in the hyperbaric chamber.

He wrote down his impressions: ʺAfter 5 therapies I feel a significant difference in my well-being. After practice I regenerate significantly faster and I can complete a lot more quality trainings. I recommend hyperbaric therapy to all athletes, who have strenuous trainings and need quick regeneration.ʺ

Rok Bagoroš, professional Stuntrider on hyperbaric therapy

Date: 04.03. 2014

Rok Bagoroš, profesionalni Stuntrider na hiperbarični terapijiHyperbaric Center AHA in Vojnik was visited by Rok Bagoroš, a professional Stuntrider for the factory team KTM. He decided to try hyperbaric therapy for rehabilitation after cruciate ligament injury. He was very excited and felt great after the therapy and will continue going into the chamber and preparing for a new season and new challenges.

Ski jumpers and friends Robert Kranjec and Jure Šinkovec have hyperbaric therapy together

Date: 28.02. 2014

Robert Kranjec in Jure ŠinkovecSki jumping colleagues and friends Robert Kranjec and Jure Šinkovec are both having hyperbaric therapy at the Hyperbaric Center AHA – a few days ago they arrived at the same time and enjoyed each in his own chamber.



Robert Kranjec about being in a hyperbaric chamber in the Hyperbaric Center AHA in various media

Date: 27.02. 2014

Today, among sports news on the web site 24ur an article was published:
Kranjec hopes that the hyperbaric chamber will help
One of the athletes who had bad luck with injuries at the Olympics in Sochi is also the ski jumper Robert Kranjec. Now he is hoping that hyperbaric chamber will speed up the healing process ...

... These days Kranjec is having therapies in a hyperbaric chamber after being invited there by the Hyperbaric Center AHA and he says that his injury will heal a lot faster: »Already after two therapies the progress was such that I was able to train twice a day in the last two days ...«
Check out the entire article on 24ur

Today an article was also published on Delo.si web site:
If Kranjec does not ski jump next week, his season will be over
Robert Kranjec, who had bad luck at the Olympics in Sochi, is having treatment for his wounded knee in a hyperbaric chamber and is hoping that the pain will subside.
Check out the entire article on Delo.si

Robert Kranjec, top ski jumper, has hyperbaric therapy in the Hyperbaric Center AHA

Date: 26.02. 2014

Robert Kranjec na hiperbarični terapijiToday top ski jumper Robert Kranjec already had his second hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the Hyperbaric Center AHA in Ljubljana. He feels great and his knee ligaments are healing rapidly. We have our fingers crossed that he will recover as soon as possible and will be able to get back to achieving his great results.

Check out the photographs in the Photo gallery


Hockey player Jure Stan has hyperbaric therapy

Date: 21.02. 2014

Jure Stan, mladi hokejist na hiperbarični terapijiMore and more athletes are familiar with the great effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This time, a hockey player joined us.

Jesenice's hockey player Jure Stan, 20, a member of youth Slovene national hockey team, visited the Hyperbaric Center AHA today and confirmed the effects. As sponsors we are happy to cooperate with young athletes, so they get even better results.



86-year old Tone Ocvirk, the oldest regular visitor of the hyperbaric chamber in Vojnik

Date: 20.02. 2014

Tone Ocvirk86-year old Tone Ocvirk, the oldest regular visitor of the hyperbaric chamber in Vojnik near Celje, feels excellent after each therapy. He walks much easier and he can easily walk to Celjska koča (Celje cottage), which he likes to visit so much. He also cancelled surgery on his right thumb, where he felt tingling, as already after three therapies it was a lot better.




Partner Center in Vojnik in municipal news

Date: 09.02. 2014

Hiperbarični center AHA v Vojniku pri CeljuThe Hyperbaric Center AHA in Vojnik near Celje, our partner, is also recording good results with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Check out the article (in Slovenian) here



Jure Šinkovec on hyperbaric therapy effects on his FB profile

Date: 08.02. 2014

Two weeks ago, Jure Šinkovec, a perspective ski jumper, wrote on his wall: »5th visit to the hyperbaric chamber, after a strenuous week I'm feeling GREAT, considerably less pain in the legs as well as the back area and the knee ... and the best effect on me is that under pressure the joints loosen a lot easier, without strain!!! Thank you AHA Hyperbaric Center!!«

Shooting for Gorenjska televizija (GTV – Gorenjska television) news

Date: 06.02. 2014

GTVA reporter and a cameraman of Gorenjska television (GTV) shot a report with Peter Kokalj, the owner of the Hyperbaric Center AHA, or rather a piece of news on the effects of hyperbaric therapy and the hyperbaric chamber itself for Gorenjska news.

Check out the video here.



How can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy help?

Date: 27.01. 2014

Are you interested in how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help with recovery after stroke, how it alleviates symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, eliminates migraine, gum inflammation, herpes ... read interesting articles, which we have translated, here.

How we »got rid off« co-worker's flu?

Date: 15.01. 2014

Even our operators sometimes fall victim to viral flu. Three days ago this also happened to Tina. She had sore bones, muscles, a headache, a sore and inflamed throat, she lacked energy and willpower. The next day we got her into the hyperbaric chamber and she felt better instantly – the moment she exited the chamber, the pain and the feeling that she is sick were gone. Unbelievable! And the best thing is she did not have to lie at home for 10 days, but is already hard at work in the Hyperbaric Center AHA.

The beginning of the »Have therapy for free« project

Date: 07.01. 2014

Začetek projekta Brezplačno na terapijoOn Tuesday, January 7 2014, we met the candidates we have chosen for the »Have therapy for free« project, run by Dr. Jana Wahl and hyperbaric instructor Peter Kokalj and presented the project and the effects of hyperbaric therapy. Full of expectations, the candidates embarked on the journey to better well-being and health.




8 people chosen for the »Have therapy for free« project

Date: 02.01. 2014

We chose 8 people who really need our help and hyperbaric therapy but cannot afford it on their own, for the »Have therapy for free« project. What all the candidates have in common is that their problems are preventing them from leading a normal life, many have lost their jobs and are receiving disability pension, but they are still positive.

There were many applicants, we would like to help everyone, but the committee accepted 8 people into the project, which is organized and sponsored by the Hyperbaric Cener AHA. Each of the candidates will undergo 10 hyperbaric therapies for free. Are you interested in who we chose and why? Read more

Night guest Peter Kokalj on Radio SLO1

Date: 30.12. 2013

Nočni gost na radiu SLO1Did you miss it or do you want to listen to it again? A nightly conversation with Peter Kokalj about hyperbaric oxygen therapy on Radio SLO1, which took place from midnight on Saturday until 2 a.m. Sunday. Check it out here: http://4d.rtvslo.si/arhiv/nocni-obisk/174253966

Tomorrow Radio SLO1 will host an interesting Night guest

Date: 28.12. 2013

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 28 2013, at midnight (00.00) we will present the effects of hyperbaric therapy in the show Nočni gost (Night guest) on Radio SLO1. The conversation with hyperbaric instructor Peter Kokalj will be about what hyperbaric oxygen therapy really is, how the therapies proceed, what are the effects ...

In case you like to stay up late or will not be able to sleep, you are invited to turn on your radio and join us.

Project: Have therapy for free

Date: 23.12. 2013

We are starting the project "Have therapy for free" and are inviting everyone, who need help and hyperbaric therapy, but cannot afford it on your own, to join.

We are expecting your applications by December 23, 2013, when the project committee will choose 8 candidates, who will be using the hyperbaric chamber at the Hyperbaric Center AHA (Verovškova 55, Ljubljana, Slovenia) for the following 2 months free of charge and will be having hyperbaric oxygen therapies free of charge.

Send us your application e-mail with a description of your health issues via terapije@hbot.eu as soon as possible.

New Hyperbaric therapy forum on Med.over.net

Date: 20.12. 2013

MONThe Med.over.net portal has opened a new Hyperbaric therapy forum, where you can get advice from Peter Kokalj, instructor of Hyperbarics and the head of the Hyperbaric Center AHA.

Check it out via http://med.over.net/forum5/list.php?529

Write, comment and ask about everything you ever wanted to know about hyperbaric therapy, chambers ...


Top ski jumper Jure Šinkovec has hyperbaric therapy

Date: 19.12. 2013

Jure Šinkovec, vrhunski smučarski skakalec na hiperbarični terapijiTop ski jumper Jure Šinkovec visited the Hyperbaric Center AHA yesterday and tested the hyperbaric chamber for the first time.
Unfortunately we have not met before, so he could visit our chamber immediately after the surgery, but better late than never.
10 months have already passed since his knee surgery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will help him with faster knee recovery and will shorten the time it takes for him to get back among the best Slovene ski jumpers. We will post more about his recovery and impressions.
Read more


We received a thank you letter from Dane Mijatović, a professional volleyball player

Date: 18.12. 2013

Professional volleyball player Dane Mijatović sent us the following e-mail yesterday: »On Friday I had a medical exam and I have to let you know some very good news that the bone healed excellently, I no longer need immobilization and crutches and can begin rehabilitation and the slow return to the playing field!
I am glad that I met you and had the chance to get to know your company and services better. The additional information I got on hyperbaric therapy convinced me even more to visit and in general enthused me for hyperbaric therapy.
I am grateful to you and your staff for a warm welcome and especially for sponsoring the therapies without which the injury would not have healed as fast.«

Interview with Peter Kokalj in the Potapljač (Diver) magazine

Date: 15.12. 2013

Today the new issue of Potapljač (Diver) magazine was published, which has an interesting interview with Peter Kokalj, the owner of the Hyperbaric Center AHA, about the effects of hyperbaric therapies and his experience, the availability of hyperbaric oxygen therapies to everyone ... The same issue also contains an article by assist. Dr. Andraž Stožer entitled Fizikalne in fiziološke osnove hiperbarične oksigenacije (The physical and physiological basics of hyperbaric oxygenation).

Check out the article (in Slovenian) here.

Publication of an interesting article on hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Dita magazine

Date: 12.12. 2013

Today an interesting article on hyperbaric oxygen therapy was published in the Dita magazine. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective method to improve health of diabetic patients. Hyperbaric oxygen acts as a blood thinner and improves the suppleness of red blood cells. The therapy can thus reduce the risk of blood clotting and thrombosis, associated with diabetes and stroke.

Check out the article (in Slovenian) here

Vid Valič and Ana Lukner in VIP show

Date: 23.11. 2013

VIPVid Valič and Ana Lukner positively glowed in the VIP TV show. It shows that both have visited the Hyperbaric Center AHA this week and have had hyperbaric oxygen therapy.




Ana Lukner, the founder of Ana's Little Star, had hyperbaric therapy

Date: 23.11. 2013

Ana LuknerAna Lukner, the founder of the charity organization Ana's Little Star, also got to know the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps her with her migraines. »Hyperbaric therapy extremely relaxes me, fills me with energy and helps very much with the migraines. The lasting feeling is really phenomenal.« Check out some of the photographs from the therapy in the Photo gallery.



Vid Valič, the TV host and stand-up comedian, had hyperbaric therapy

Date: 22.11. 2013

Vid Valič na hiperbarični terapijiVid Valič, a TV host and stand-up comedian, spent some time in our chamber because of ankle and meniscus problems. The nature of his work means he is under a lot of strain, resulting in fatigue. Him as well as we believe that the chamber will help him alleviate his problems and restore physical balance and relax him. Vid feels great!
Check out his therapy photographs in the Photo gallery.



Professional volleyball player Dane Mijatović's first hyperbaric therapy

Date: 19.11. 2013

Dane Mijatović, profesionalni igralec odbojke na hiperbarični terapijiToday our hyperbaric chamber was tested for the first time by Dane Mijatović, a professional volleyball player, the member of the Slovene national volleyball team and the Salonit Anhovo club, who broke the fifth metatarsal at a game and more than one doctor said he will take about three months to recover. He visited our hyperbaric chamber two weeks after the injury and he felt great. Check out some photographs from the therapy in the Photo gallery.



Top skier Rok Perko had hyperbaric therapy

Date: 14.11. 2013

Rok PerkoA few days ago the hyperbaric chamber was also tested by Rok Perko, a top skier – downhill racer, who had therapy for physical regeneration. He realized that the ligaments relax considerably after strenous practices and workouts and get ready for new strains. He felt more energetic and relaxed.

After the therapy, he said: "Before the therapy I was a bit unsure about the chamber itself and the confined space. But as soon as I lay down, it was great. It was comfortable and the feeling was pleasant. After the therapy, I was a bit tired or rather sleepy ... but as soon as I got back in my usual daily pace, it was great. I was in a better mood and full of energy. I felt rested and ready for work. I especially recommend the therapy to top athletes, as I myself know how important rest and regeneration is."

Check out some photographs from therapy in the Photo gallery.



Hyperbaric Center AHA in the show Dobro jutro

Date: 13.11. 2013

Oddaja Dobro jutro na TVSLO1Hyperbaric Center AHA in the show Dobro jutro ("Good Morning") on TV SLO1 (national television). It was a video article about hyperbaric therapy. 

On Wednesday, November 13th 2013, we reported live from the Hyperbaric Center AHA in the Dobro jutro show. We presented the hyperbaric chamber and beneficial effects of hyperbaric oxygen. 

Check out the video here.



Hyperbaric Center AHA at the World Junior Judo Championship

Date: 17.10. 2013

JudoWe invite you to the biggest event in the hystory of Slovenian judo, with a record number of competitors from 91 countries. The World Junior Judo Championship will be held at the Stožice hall from October 23 to October 27 2013. 

During competition (everyday from 10 am to 7 pm) there will be a Judo village on the green level of the Stožice hall, sectors 14 and 15, where you will also find the Hyperbaric Center AHA. 
Some of our competitors prepared in our chambers before the championship: Aljaž Sedej, Andreja Leški, Luka Kuralt and Igor Potparič. 



Hyperbarc Center AHA at a fair

Date: 17.10. 2013

Sejem TečemIn cooperation with the Center za medicino in šport - CMŠ (Center for medicine and sports), the Hyperbaric Center AHA will also present its operations at the EXPO fair "Tečem"which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from October 24th to October 27th 2013. 

We will display our hyperbaric chamber Flexi-Lite, our experts will introduce the chamber, how it works and the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

Visit us and you will get a lot of new and interesting information. 




Aljaž Sedej, a top judoka, is recovering in our chamber

Date: 17.10. 2013

Aljaž Sedej, vrhunski judoist na hiperbarični terapijiAljaž Sedej, a top judoka, is recovering in our chamber after knee surgery for a cracked patella and torn cruciate ligaments.
He wrote his impressions into our book of impressions: "I came here after knee surgery. Already after the first therapy the swelling subsided considerably. After three therapies I felt as if I could already run. Just a little longer and I will be back in top form."



New Hyperbaric Center AHA website

Date: 07.10. 2013

Wellcome on our new website. 

It has been under construction for quite a while, as we wanted to give you as much information as possible on one site: our experience with therapies, customers' opinions, useful material and research concerning HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) ... 

You can find all this and more at www.hbot.eu.

Hyperbaric Center AHA is moving to a new location

Date: 01.10. 2013

Hiperbarični center AHAFrom this day forward we are located in Šiška, on Verovškova ul. 55 (the ground floor of the Mega Center 1 office building). 

Read more about the location here



A report on the regeneration of Slovenian basketball players in the Svet show on Kanal A

Date: 01.10. 2013

Check out the report on regeneration of the Slovenian national basketball team in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which you were also able to see in the Svet show on Kanal A. In the video you can also hear the comment of the hyperbaric instructor Peter Kokalj.

Check out the video here