AHA Hyperbarics offers you various hyperbaric systems, concentrators for oxygen production, hyperbaric therapy accessories and arteriographs. 

Hyperbaric Systems

Hyperbaric chambers of AHA Hyperbarics are very quality-made from anti-oxidizing materials which do not lose on quality, despite higher concentrations of oxygen.

High working pressure enables us an efficient closing system with the help of a special zipper and strips with inox buckles (as used in aviation), which protect the zipper.

The chambers are composed of a double bag. The inner bag is meant for sealing and the outer one protects the inner bag and maintains the chamber shape. The inside of the chamber is white, as this color gives a feeling of freshness and a bigger space. The outside of the chamber is pearl blue in color.

Both bags are connected with a special system of valves and instruments, which allow for a controlled management of pressure.

All materials are special and suitable for use with pure oxygen. Even though the chamber is registered for one user, its dimensions allow for it to be occupied by two people.

The chamber has special double anti-roll bolsters for better stability. Inside the chamber is a frame which prevents the chamber collapsing in full when not pressurized. This way even an empty chamber without pressure has a proper shape and there is enough room for someone to settle inside comfortably.

The chamber works with the help of a compressor, which enables pressure to rise inside the chamber 50 cm (1.6 feet) per minute. The compressor is turned on for the duration of the therapy, as it provides chamber ventilation.