AHA Hyperbarics offers you various hyperbaric systems, concentrator for oxygen production and hyperbaric therapy accessories.

Hyperbaric Chambers


- The AHA Flex 20 chamber reaches pressures up to 2.0 bar
(200 kPa - 15 psi)

- The AHA Flex 16, AHA Flex 18 and AHA Flex 20 hyperbaric chambers are quality-made from anti-oxidizing materials which do not lose on quality, despite higher concentrations of oxygen.

- High working pressure is enabled by an efficient closing system with the help of a special zipper and straps with buckles (as used in aviation), which protect the zipper.  

- The AHA Flex chambers are composed of a triple bag. The inner bag is meant for sealing; the outer bag and the grid bag protect the inner bag and maintain the chamber shape.

- All bags are connected with a special system of valves and instruments, which allow for a controlled management of pressure.

- All materials are special and suitable for use with oxygen. Even though the chamber is registered for one user, its dimensions allow for it to be occupied by two people (for example a child with a parent).

- The AHA Flex chambers have special double anti-roll bolsters for better stability.

- Inside the AHA Flex chamber is a frame which prevents the chamber from collapsing in full when not pressurized. This way even an empty chamber without pressure has a proper shape and there is enough room for someone to settle inside comfortably.

- The AHA Flex chamber works with the help of a compressor, which enables pressure to rise inside the AHA Flex chamber. The compressor is turned on for the duration of the therapy, as it provides chamber ventilation.

-The AHA Flex chamber is only 250 cm long which enables it to fill faster.

- Big circumference of the chamber (85 cm).

- Two dual viewing ports on each side of the chamber and two viewing ports on the ends of the chamber, which makes the interior even brighter and enables better visibility.

- Strong straps, resewed at every crossing, which enable a higher pressure and better support and at the same time look good.

- An efficient pressure-relief (over-pressure) valve, which was designed and produced at AHA Hyperbarics GmbH.

- A powerful motor in the oxygen concentrator, which enables higher flow.

- A powerful motor in the compressor, which enables faster filling and ventilation.

- The inside of the chamber is white, as this colour gives a feeling of freshness and a bigger space.
The outside of the chamber is also white in colour, as it is significant for customers as well as buyers that the chamber is non-claustrophobic and looks even bigger and more attractive.

Hyperbaric system AHA Flex ia a medical device class IIb (MDD 93/42/EEC). A certificate can be viewed here.

AHA Hyperbarics GmbH manufactures medical equipment according to ISO 13485 (Quality Management System). A certificate can be viewed here.

AHA Flex hyperbaric system is a medical device, but you alone will decide, whether you will be using it in:
- medical applications (hospital, clinic, health resort, spa …)
- non-medical applications (wellness, spa/resort, fitness, hotel, sport club, military, firefighters, personal use ...)

We are proud to say that AHA Flex chambers are the only inflatable/soft hyperbaric chambers in the world that have a medical certificate according to MDD 93/42/EEC and reach the pressure up to 2.0 bar (200 kPa or 15 psi)!