Hyperbaric chambers of AHA Hyperbarics have already helped many users, while also pleasing the hyperbaric chamber buyers. Read contents about us and and view the photo galleries. 


Hyperbaric chambers of AHA Hyperbarics have already helped many people. We are also a proud sponsor of many athletes.

Our hyperbaric chamber have already tried many:

Ana Lukner, a business woman, inspirational lecturer and the founder of the charity organization Anina zvezdica (Ana's Little Star) is very busy with all of her activities and  suffers from migraines besides. Because hyperbaric therapy has proven very efficient for her, she will be able to do even more good work and will have less migraines. She stated: "Hyperbaric therapy relaxes me considerably, fills me with energy and helps very much with migraines. The lasting feeling is really phenomenal." View more photographs  v in the photo gallery.   Ana Lukner - Anina zvezdica

Vid Valič, a TV host and stand-up comedian, spent some time in our chamber because of ankle and meniscus problems. The nature of his work means he is under a lot of strain, resulting in fatigue. Hyperbaric chamber helped him eliminate his problems and reestablish balance in his body and help him relax. More photographs in the photo gallery.

  Vid Valič
Jana Morelj a presenter at Radio 1 and POP TV weather reporter visited the Hyperbaric Center AHA because of wisdom tooth pain and made a video about the hyperbaric therapy she had in the process.
Check out the video here.
  Jana Morelj na hiperbarični terapiji
Tone Fornezzi - Tof,  a satirist and humorist, visited our Center out of pure curiosity. At the beginning he did not believe the hyperbaric chamber has any effect, however, he called us a few hours after the therapy and said: "When I pedal my bicycle up the Katarina hill I always look at young girls from behind, but today I overtook them and even saw their faces."   Tone Fornezzi Top na hiperbarični terapiji
Hyperbaric chamber was put to the test by top athletes:    

Slovenian basketball team visited the Hyperbaric Center Oksi during European Basketball Championship 2013. The players used hyperbaric oxygen to their advantage for regeneration and fresh energy.

They published some snapshots on the Slovenian Basketball Association website.

Slovenian youth judo team (Aljaž Sedej, Andreja Leški, Luka Kuralt and Igor Potparič) visited our hyperbaric chambers in preparation for the World Junior Judo Championship 2013. Judo is a very competitive sport and competitors acquire a lot of injuries. The chamber aided them in regeneration and preparation for the championship. 
Igor Potparič, a professional judoka, wrote after visiting the chamber in our book of impressions: "I am a professional judoka. Three weeks before World Junior Championship in Ljubljana I got a pinch in my lower back, just before the preparations. After the first therapy I could already do combat, the pain subsided considerably. I was also in a lot better mood, as after the therapy I couldn't stop singing :)

Aljaž Sedej, a top judoka, recovered in our chamber after knee surgery for a cracked patella and torn cruciate ligaments. Before the therapy his knee was swollen badly and he could only contract his leg 30 degrees. Already after the first therapy, the swelling subsided considerably, after the third therapy he was able to contract his leg 55 degrees. His knee is more movable and pain subsided considerably. His muscles are also more flexible.

He wrote his impressions into our book of impressions: "I came here after knee surgery. Already after the first therapy the swelling subsided considerably. After three therapies I felt as if I could already run. Just a little longer and I will be back in top form."

  Aljaž Sedej

Sara Kragulj, a young Slovenian rhythmic gymnast, was visiting our chamber before the Mediterranean Games. She had a torn tendon and was in pain, which visits to the chamber successfully eliminated. During the championship she reached ninth place in all-around gymnastics, which is her personal best. 

Her impressions: "... a week before an important competition I visited the chamber regularly because of a torn tendon and a lot of pain. After a few therapies the mobility of my leg is normal and the pain has disappeared."

  Sara Kragulj, Slovenian rhythmic gymnast
Rok Perko, a top skier - downhill racer, spent some time in the chamber to regenerate his body. After the therapy, he said: "Before the therapy I was a bit unsure about the chamber itself and the confined space. But as soon as I lay down, it was great. It was comfortable and the feeling was pleasant. After the therapy, I was a bit tired or rather sleepy ... but as soon as I got back in my usual daily pace, it was great. I was in a better mood and full of energy. I felt rested and ready for work. I especially recommend the therapy to top athletes, as I myself know how important rest and regeneration is."   Rok Perko
Dane Mijatović, a professional volleyball player, a member of the Slovenian national team and the Salonit Anhovo team, broke the 5th metatarsal and more than one doctor predicted he will need approximately 3 months to recover. He had the first therapy in our chamber 2 weeks after getting injured. After the first therapy he stated: "I feel great and I must say that I already have a feeling it is helping me, because even when I spend a long time on my feet the injured leg does not swell." More photographs and words in the photo gallery.   Dane Mijatovic
Jure Šinkovec, a top ski jumper, first had hyperbaric therapy in our chamber 10 months after knee surgery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped him with faster rehabilitation of the knee and will shorten his return time among the best Slovenian ski jumpers.   Jure Šinkovec na hiperbarični terapiji

Robert Kranjec, a top ski jumper, on hyperbaric treatment, which helped with his recovery after he injured his knee ligaments.

More photographs in the Photo gallery.

  Robert Kranjec na hiperbarični terapiji

Rok Tršan, a promising young cross-country skier, feels great in the hyperbaric chamber. He wrote down his impressions: ʺAfter 5 therapies I feel a significant difference in my well-being. After practice I regenerate significantly faster and I can complete a lot more quality trainings. I recommend hyperbaric therapy to all athletes, who have strenuous trainings and need quick regeneration.ʺ

More photographs in the Photo gallery.

  Rok Tršan
Ana Drev, a top skier, who visited the Hyperbaric Center AHA in Vojnik a few times, where she was preparing for the national championship, became a national champion in giant slalom on March 18. Congratulations, Ana!
She had an injured knee but skied easier with the help of hyperbaric therapy and without pain, she was even physically stronger.
  Ana Drev na hiperbarični terapiji
Rok Bagoroš, profesional motorist  - Stuntrider visited Hyperbaric Center AHA in Vojnik. He decided to try hyperbaric therapy for rehabilitation after cruciate ligament injury. He was very excited and felt great after the therapy and will continue going into the chamber and preparing for a new season and new challenges.   Rok Bagoroš on hyperbaric therapy
Ula Hafner, a young promising skier, also goes to the hyperbaric chamber at the Hyperbaric Center AHA and wrote down in our book of impressions: »I felt the positive effects of hyperbaric therapy already after the fourth one, when I had significantly more energy, my concentration also improved during trainings as well as at school. The therapy also helped me regenerate faster and with faster healing of sports injuries. I would like to thank the Hyperbaric Center AHA for their support and kindness and would recommend it to everyone, athletes as well as those who simply want to improve the quality of their life.«    Smučarka Ula Hafner na hiperbarični terapiji