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Users’ opinions

(39 years)

Slight fear before the therapy, insecurity about the tight space. All disappears because of serious approach by the operator; even the chamber itself is actually quite pleasant. After the therapy, the feeling is pleasant and the sore spots are stimulated into action.

(37 years)

I came after a surgery of the left thighbone and felt pain in the left leg. After the therapy, I stepped full force on the damaged leg and felt no pain. I feel great, I am levitating.

(52 years)

After the therapy I felt really pleasant, despite the initial distress and later complete relaxation effect on the whole body. My constant back pain miraculously subsided. Thank you so much for this nice experience.

(33 years)

Exceptional! The pain is gone and the world is too slow for me! Before I felt pain in my gum, actually in the whole left part of my jaw, as one of my wisdom teeth is erupting. In the chamber I relaxed, rested. I really didn't expect it to be pleasant, but it was. Also, because of the operator, who guided me nicely, professionally and gave me advice. After the therapy I am full of energy. I feel as if I had a cloud under my feet, everything is so easy; and at the same time I am overtaking myself. The swallowing is gone, even my ring is too big for me. I am ecstatic!!!

(38 years)

I have been suffering because of chronic inflammation of the throat for the past 12 years. After just two HBOT therapies, I breathe and swallow more easily. During therapy I felt a tingling feeling in the joints (knees, shoulders), where I have the most problems. I am very satisfied!

(45 years)

... before the therapy I couldn't even lift my left arm. 

(74 years)

When I arrived, I felt pain in my joints, shoulders; my knees were less mobile and painful. After therapy I don't feel pain in the joints and the right knee is more flexible. 

(40 years)

The headache is gone, I'm feeling great. Great, I want more! 

(44 years)

During therapy I felt as if the body is actually 'cleansing', as it was receiving so much oxygen. After I equalized the pressure, the feeling during the therapy was great ... Thank you for this experience. 

(39 years)

I came with severe sciatica pain. After two visits I didn’t need Ketoprofen anymore, after my third visit the pain completely disappeared. Great! At the same time, I feel great, renewed, energized... 

(50 years)

After the therapy, I feel great and the goiter I had, has almost disappeared. I'll be back! 

(49 years)

"I have to commend your staff, as they are really nice and ready to listen to you and answer all your questions."