Read how hyperbaric treatment proceeds and what its effects are. You can also view a list of AHA Hyperbarics Facilities, where you can have the treatment.

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Treatment procedure

After a thorough talk with the operator, who presents hyperbaric chamber operation, describes the treatment procedure and informs one about the treatment, one changes into comfortable cotton clothes. For breathing pure oxygen, an NRB mask is used, which one tries to breathe with already outside the chamber. This is followed by entry into the chamber and settling on a comfortable mattress, so one can see the operator clearly through the windows. The chamber environment is warm, comfortable and equipped with cotton pillows and blankets.

When the environment becomes familiar, what follows is the step of sealing the chamber and preparation for increasing pressure. The pressure increases gradually and with ease (approximately 50 cm (19 inches) per minute), so there is enough time to equalize pressure in your ears. In the ears one can feel the equalization of pressure, which is the effect of change in pressure (one can also feel this during air travel).

Usually the simplest methods of equalization in the ears are swallowing and yawning. If that doesn't help, pinch your nostrils shut and blow gently. It helps if one takes a swallow of water just before the treatment to moisten one’s throat.

The compression takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the anticipated pressure of the treatment, which is decided upon by the trained and certified operator. When the specific treatment pressure is reached, we start timing the treatment, which lasts 45-75 minutes at a constant prescribed pressure (Bottom time). During the treatment one may rest or even nap. The operator watches over one closely for the duration. After the completed time of the treatment, decompression begins for taking the pressure down to atmospheric level, which takes as long as compression.

The whole treatment lasts for approximately 90 minutes (Run time) and you breathe in pure oxygen all the while through an NRB mask.

HBOT is a pleasant experience, but we are all claustrophobic to some extent, so expect to feel slight apprehension because this is normal. Operators are trained so the treatment proceeds as relaxed, pleasant and calm as possible.

After the completion of the treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, the treatment goes on for 6 more hours because of a higher concentration of oxygen in your body. You feel great, relaxed, concentrated, energized, but you can experience a pleasant tiredness.

Effects of the treatment can be seen right away or a day or two after the treatment. The number of necessary treatments depends on the reason for your visit.

Pre-session preparation

We advise smokers not to smoke at least two hours before the treatment and two hours after the treatment, otherwise the effect is not as beneficial, smoking may even negate it.

Provided it is at all possible, do not drink coffee at least an hour before the treatment.

Wear cotton underwear, and the other pure cotton clothes will be provided by us.

Provided you use makeup, we advise you to come without it. If that is not possible, you will be asked to clean your face with a special wet wipe before the treatment.

Read here more about the items you cannot take into the chamber for your own safety.